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Cocreate NGO/VZW

I have just founded a non profit organisation here in Belgium and I am really excited about it! I am very excited about the talented and amazing people of integrity that we have on our board, they are people who add value to my life and will do the same to our organisation! It is called Cocreate and there are several things we aim to do, and not necessarily at the same time. To:

provide training packages on mediation, support for survivors and vulnerable people, and also intentional outreaches- those that are well planned and actually benefit the recipients.

*co-create in terms of disseminating accurate information and awareness creation

*co-create with survivors in terms of starting a new life / afresh

*co-create with NGOs and other bodies by providing top notch training that they can’t get elsewhere

*co-create by either partnering with NGOs that provide business opportunities for survivors or we fund the businesses ourselves and provide proper business                training for them.

More information will be available soon and we look forward to partnering with you!

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