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Project Description

Christmas Care Package Project

The Christmas Care Package Project is something I started last year. I was overwhelmed by how many people were in need around me and they needed a lot of money and things that I could not provide. So, I decided to start small and address basic needs, and that was fantastic! A friend and I put together a list of things that certain young women I know really needed. These women are survivors of human trafficking, currently living in Europe and most of them were experiencing winter for the first time, nothing could have prepared them for it.

We fundraised among our individual networks and bought basic items like cocoa butter (which if you are Nigerian or a person of color, you will value in winter) which cost less than €4, winter clothing and some other treats. Then we delivered them to these young ladies and believe me it was bitter sweet to witness the joy on their faces. Great that their needs were met but tough to see that so much more could be done, but you know what? One step at a time.

Some people might say it is better to focus on empowering the women to take care of themselves. I agree and I also agree that we can care for them in the process until they are able to stand on their own feet and in turn, help others.

I am currently preparing for the 2019Christmas Care Package delivery and will keep you updated!

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