Partner with me

I am thankful that you have chosen to partner with me and my work by giving, and that is something I do not take lightly. Thank you.

All the donations that I receive go towards my personal support projects which include supporting a group of vulnerable people that I know and assist personally. This group includes survivors of human trafficking, survivors of other forms of terror and abuse and families in need, as well as humanitarian aid workers.

If you would like to donate directly to my NGO CoCreate NGO/VZW and the projects that we work on as an organization which also includes vulnerable people and those in need, then kindly do so through our website here.

Donate online via Y360 (US donors only- tax-deductible): click here. Then you may let me know via the contact form.

If you would like to donate to me personally for any of my personal causes or a well deserved R&R, then click here.

Thank you for your support and you will hear from me shortly!