My work

I am in the final year of my PhD so that has most of my focus right now but I still do other work such as consulting, writing academic and non-academic pieces, and working on other projects.

All payments for any consulting that I did in 2021 went directly to my NGO- CoCreate to enable our growth and our ability to support victims of trafficking and their caregivers who need our help at this time. 2020 was an extremely tough and painful year for many and 2021 was equally tough, so we did our best to support those we could.


Authors Title DOI / Link
Sarah Adeyinka [Book Review] African Europeans: An Untold History by Olivette Otele Click here for DOI / Link
Sarah Adeyinka, Sophie Samyn, Sami Zemni & Ilse Derluyn Nigerian and Ghanaian Women Working in the Brussels Red-Light District Click here for DOI / Link
Authors Title DOI / Link
Sophie Samyn, Sarah Adeyinka, Sami Zemni & Ilse Derluyn


Reflections on the interplay between procedural, relational, and socio-political ethics in ethnographic research with West-African women working in prostitution in Brussels

Click here for DOI/Link
Sarah Adeyinka


Stigma: Perspectives of Nigerian women trafficked into Europe

Click here for DOI/Link
Authors Title DOI / Link


Ine Lietaert, Malte Behrendt, Océane Uzureau, Sarah Adeyinka, Marina Rota, Floor Verhaeghe, Charles Watters & Ilse Derluyn

The development of an analytical framework to compare reception structures for unaccompanied refugee minors in Europe Click here for DOI

Coming soon (2022)