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One of the things that would make life easy is the ability to hit pause, it would make life a million times better; don’t believe me, follow my thought pattern for a moment. Aren’t you glad you can hit the pause button on your phone as you get into position to mime and dance to

It’s official, I am now the founder of a small non-profit organization, let’s help more people!

Yes, that's right! This has been quite the journey because the last thing I wanted to do was establish another non-profit organization as there are already so many in existence. However, having a legal entity became a necessity because of the work that I do and the donations I receive, and this will enable us

A Glimmer of Hope

Hope… This word is often used so carelessly that it is undervalued, its unique meaning forgotten. Hope is what keeps us going time after time; hope is what strengthens us to continue defending those in need and those who cannot defend themselves. Our hope however, or at least mine, is rooted in love. I know


The hashtag me too has been trending for a few days now and while it is sad that it took such a long time for the truth about Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual predatory behavior to be revealed to the world, it is encouraging to see women all over the world unifying to share

Loss at sea

I am not a mother, I have never been pregnant and cannot claim to understand fully the bond of a mother and her child. But I have a mother who loves me and I know she would give everything for me, in many ways she already did. She gave up food, clothes, holidays and more