Yes, that’s right! This has been quite the journey because the last thing I wanted to do was establish another non-profit organization as there are already so many in existence. However, having a legal entity became a necessity because of the work that I do and the donations I receive, and this will enable us to be more effective!

Our organization is called CoCreate and one of our goals is to support existing NGOs that provide care for vulnerable populations, especially survivors of human trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation. Which brings me to my next point, Christmas!

Every Christmas with your help, I focus on showing some of the vulnerable populations I work with that someone cares for them and remembers them, as Christmas time is when most of them feel very lonely, being away from family and friends. This year, that is the first project we are taking on as an NGO and we will carry out our Christmas project in collaboration with PIAM Onlus in Italy. It is an NGO that cares for survivors of human trafficking and helps them integrate into the Italian society through several ways, but we will focus on these three:

• Education: Italian language classes and formal education where funding is available

• Skill development: Cooking courses and barista training for the HORECA industry.

• Personal development: Learning to manage time, finances and their lives.

Our goal is to raise €8,500 and here is the breakdown:

Christmas voucher (for a winter jacket, socks and a hat)- €30 per girl x 40 girls = €1,200

An apartment (safe home) to house six girls costs €550 per month x 12 months = €6,600

(The safe home will be maintained by PIAM Onlus as they already have more than six safe homes in Italy and are a credible organization)

Miscellaneous expenses (including purchases for the new safe home, medical emergencies etc)- €700.

One of the girls called me last week and here’s part of what she said “Aunty, pls if you want to buy anything for me for Christmas, don’t! Buy something for my baby”. Pregnant 16yr old Nigerian female survivor of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Italy.

Thank you for helping these girls who have endured horrible traumas, may this Christmas be one that fills them with hope and the strength they need to fight for a better future.

If you’d like to donate, click the PayPal donate link or send me a message. For donors in Belgium, there is the possibility for you to get tax returns next year when you donate to us as we are a registered VZW here in Belgium.

Thank you for helping and donating what you can!