A Glimmer of Hope

Hope… This word is often used so carelessly that it is undervalued, its unique meaning forgotten. Hope is what keeps us going time after time; hope is what strengthens us to continue defending those in need and those who cannot defend themselves. Our hope however, or at least mine, is rooted in love.

I know that for those of us working in the humanitarian field and on justice missions, there are seasons when it seems like nothing is working out; people are dying, there is more civil unrest, diseases are rampant, people are held in captivity, and the question “when will it end” is all we can utter. In moments like that, I believe that we experience a glimmer of hope, a ray of sunshine, a healing balm that soothes our hurting soul; and this looks different for all of us depending on what we need.

One of those “hope” moments and treasures for me was when baby Sarah was born. Her mum went through so many challenges, was exploited beyond belief, broken in so many ways, yet chose life. She chose to keep fighting, she fought beyond her pain, refused to give up, and persevered all the more knowing that she had new life inside of her. We met during a rescue when she was already 9 months pregnant, we provided assistance, had long talks and said our goodbyes a few days later. She wrote me not long after to let me know that she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Sarah, after me :). Sarah is a gorgeous little girl who is healthy and well, and seeing her picture is like a balm to my soul that I didn’t realise would soothe me. I am so grateful that in moments when I feel overwhelmed, and like all is lost, that grace is available and it is available in a form that I can relate to and one that is exactly what I need.

Don’t lose hope, have faith, be rooted in love,

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