I’ve been thinking about the power of words and how much of an impact words make. As I talk with people here in Betel but also outside of Betel, the impact of words is even more real to me.


The saying “sticks and stones may break our bones but words cannot hurt us is nothing but a bunch of nonsense as far as I’m concerned because words can hurt a whole lot more than physical injuries. So many people today are living under the pain of hurtful words because theycan’t forget those words and are hunted by them, so here’s my nugget of wisdom for the week… “think well before you speak”.

My mum had a plaque that said this on the wall in our home and I will never forget the words, this is what it said…

“Words are like bullets, once they are spoken, they can never be swallowed; the speaker may regret, weep and  mourn but the damage done by the spoken words can never be recalled; so, think well before you speak”.



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