What I do

I wear many hats in terms of what I do but the top three are consultant, cultural mediator and doctoral student.

As a cultural mediator, I’m able to mediate between groups and cultures as I understand the complexities of cross-cultural communication in our global world which is partly due to the extremely diverse cultures and religions we have. When we hear each other, understand clearly what the other person is saying and come to an agreement or a compromise, peace is established and/or maintained, and conflict is averted.  I enjoy working as a cultural mediator because I am able to help create an understanding between cultures, beliefs and ideas; the wonderful thing about it is that we do not have to agree with a person to understand them and help them feel understood, we just have to be willing to make the effort.

I also work as a consultant and trainer on anti trafficking issues; however, I do have a focus on Nigerian victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The statistics are alarming with regards to how many Nigerians are being trafficked to Europe and other parts of the world for sexual exploitation, being Nigerian myself, this hits close to home. This is an area I have studied for years and hope that more research is conducted on because the illicit trade is growing and more people, especially women and children are being trafficked on a daily basis. One of my roles is supporting survivors of trafficking and I am thankful for those who have partnered with me in doing so over the years. Therefore, I partner with Non Governmental Organizations, International Non Governmental Organizations and other agencies to create a system of identifying victims, providing feasible assistance, and maintaining clear boundaries while understanding the different cultural dynamics involved. I am often invited to provide training and run seminars about this topic (s).

Please use the contact form if you have any questions, or would like to connect with me in this regard.

I am currently doing research on the psychosocial impact of irregular migration and human trafficking on refugee women.