UNTOUCHABLE: Children of God

Hi again!

It is almost the last day of August, and while it’s been a really busy year for me, it still feels as though this year flew back super fast!!!

So, I really need your help… The Code Red Films which I am a part of is making a documentary film about the Badi girls of Nepal; it is called UNTOUCHABLES: Children of God. It highlights the struggles the girls are faced with from forced prostitution, to abuse and trafficking; it also shows the light at the end of the tunnel and how there are men and women out there helping the girls live a better life and experience true love which is godly.

We have raised more than $10,000 of the $50,000 we need; please give towards the project today, it will change many lives; no matter how much or little you are able to give, it counts! You  might not be able to go and meet the girls like we can, but you can give to those of us who do and in that way, you are part of those who are making a difference in their lives.

To give towards this project, please click this DONATE button. Thank you and God bless!!!!

Here is a short excerpt from the documentary…


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