Uniting to fight a common enemy


As I write this post, I am humbled by how many courageous and passionate people there are who are fully vested in the anti-trafficking movement. Some of them are believers, others are not; but we agree on one thing, no one should ever be forced, coerced, deceived, or compelled to sell their body for sex.

I am thankful that through the Shine seminar I am currently facilitating with a dream team at YWAM Amsterdam, I’ve been able to expand my horizon and my network even more; to hear from people working in the anti-trafficking movement both near and far, have some heated discussions, brainstorming sessions, and lots of food and laughter.

I’m walking in my own calling, filling my own converse and stilettos 🙂 regardless of the challenges I’m faced with, I hope you do the same! You may walk and fall, you may run and collapse, but never let it be said that you did not try your best or give your all. Get up and fight for those who need your help, do it because God says so, because they need your help, because we need to believe in humanity once again, and because if you don’t… WHO WILL?

There’s a path before you, you have a choice to walk in it or turn from it; remember this…


Man cannot discover new lands



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