I’ve been thinking about the terrorism crisis we’re faced with all over the world now, it is on the increase and both members of law enforcement and civilians are targets. My heart hurts when I think of people who have lost their lives because of the hatred and evil deeds of others; so many lives lost for no valid cause… Nigerians, Malians, French, Americans, British, Kenyans, Syrians, and the list goes on whose lives have been taken from them… I dread logging in to my facebook page now because there are so many heated debates about refugees; who should help, and  who shouldn’t, who is helping and who isn’t, so many words of hate being spread, and we are forgetting something…

“sometimes in tragedy, we find our life’s purpose”.

I don’t endorse tragedy or belittle it, in fact like most people, the thought of it terrifies me. However, I am saying that instead of judging, and pointing fingers, ask yourself “what can I do to make the world a safer place for others?” “How can I make my community a better place?” “What is my role on earth, and how can I carry that out?”…

Should there be debates, yes; but really think about what you’re saying. Instead of accusing leaders and politicians, ask yourself “what have I done in order to be part of the solution?”

There is one type on race on earth–> the human race. Don’t forget it…




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