Halt, Think Before You Speak

As I walked home through the Red Light District (RLD) tonight, I couldn’t help but feel two emotions strongly- anger and sadness. Let me explain the sadness first because it is a more passive emotion- I was sad because I could see people making fun of the women working behind the windows in the RLD; men leering at them, and women looking down at them very haughtily at times! How awful!!!!!!!!!!!! Having met some of those women, laughed with them, cooked, eaten and connected with them, it breaks my heart that they are subjected to the judgment of passersby on a daily basis as well as the guilt, pain, trauma and shame many of them have to live with. Some of them were trafficked for crying out loud!!!

The next time you see a man or woman in prostitution, halt, think before you speak.

Now I will talk about the anger! I was angry because I heard a man ask the guy working at the grocery store this “do those prostitutes come in here to shop as well? Heheheh hahahahha”. It took everything in me and more to restrain myself from confronting him. It is shocking to see how many of us think we are better than those women because we don’t work behind the windows. They may seem to be slaves to one thing, or trapped in one thing, but how many people are addicted to pornography? How many are addicted to sex and go to these same women to “release the tension” as they say? How many are so greedy that they don’t care who they pull down in their quest for money, power, and fame?

Before we judge these women or anyone else for that matter, let us halt, and think before we speak. Let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone….

Please pray for my beloved Amsterdam and pray that all goes well so I can move here officially before the year is over.

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