The Journey


I had a conversation with someone this week about her journey and I can’t even begin to describe how different it is from mine. She was a prostitute for over a year, she was beaten almost daily by at least three guys (who were her pimps, they beat her up together) if she didn’t make enough money, and eventually, she felt as if she was dead on the inside… dissociated. She was able to leave that life because someone helped her escape, and she is on the journey to a better life. She is so thankful that someone helped her get away from that painful and humiliating lifestyle. What a joy and a relief!!!

I read about the three women who were rescued from a house in the UK after being in forced servitude for over 30years! 30years!!! They were able to escape because one of them saw the tv feature on forced marriages and called the helpline. It is so uplifting to know that people are making a difference and people like Anneta Prem’s Freedom Charity is one of such. What a blessing!!!




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