Thank you so much dear friends, family, and strangers too 🙂 for praying, supporting us and donating towards our project-     UNTOUCHABLES: CHILDREN OF GOD. Our goal was to raise $50,000 in order to be able to cover the logistics, production and travel costs and many other things… Because of you, we were able to raise more than $50,000!!! I’m so thankful and so blessed that you stood with us in this time.

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Not everyone can go to the places where human trafficking is prevalent, not everyone is a counselor or a therapist that can walk the journey to recovery with the victims, not everyone is a media pro who can capture these injustices and put it on screen for the world to see, not everyone is a journalist and can tell the stories of these girls. But you have made it possible for those of us who can go, to go and make a difference; thereby contributing to the fight in seeing the end of this evil trade, and bringing hope and light to dark places.

God bless you so much and may you and your loved ones never be victims of this evil and wicked injustice.


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