Why I do it

I work as a cultural mediator because I have always enjoyed networking, connecting people, and resolving conflicts; rather than see conflicts as something to run from, I see them as situations to learn from and grow through. It was through the process of mediation that I began to study what human trafficking really looks like in different parts of the world, how it causes a divide between worlds; i.e. the world of the victims and the rest of us. I seek to mediate that divide, to help people see that deep down, our hearts beat at the same pace and we are one race- the human race; regardless of culture, religion, beliefs and ideologies, we are human first and we cannot afford to lose our humanity.

Secondly, my cousin was trafficked from Nigeria to Libya and that was completely unexpected, but it was a wake up call for me to realize that:

  1.  Human trafficking is real
  2.  Human trafficking is evil and continues to grow exponentially
  3.  Human trafficking happens everywhere
  4.  Human trafficking can only be stunted and ended if we work together for the good of each other
  5.  I have a part to play and sitting idly while wishing someone else would do the job is not  acceptable
  6.  I love people and I desire to see them walk in freedom, not in bondage
  7.  Human trafficking is an enemy to our desire for a beautiful and peaceful world so we must end it.


Will you join me?