On the road again…

The heading says it all 🙂 I’m traveling! This afternoon I left my YWAM Hurlach home and I’ll be gone for at least three months. I am going to Birmingham for a counseling internship with Betel of Britain- they’re a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, and working with them as an unpaid intern for three months will help me understand addiction counseling even better.

I got a really good flight deal money-wise BUT it is a time-consuming one! I have a long layover (13hours) in Zürich, Switzerland before flying into England.

In my work with victims of abuse and trafficking and even after meeting some women in prostitution, I’ve come to realize that more people turn to substances like alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, etc for comfort because of the pain they’re experiencing on the inside. We often judge, condemn, or even make fun of such people; some of us may feel sorry for them but how can we help practically? That’s the journey I’m on. Gaining more tools and knowledge on how I can be of help and how to put to good use the skills, abilities and uniqueness that God has gifted me with. At the Betel center, I’ll be part of a team working with the wonderful men and women who are on their journey to healing from different types of substance addictions; we’re all on a journey and God will see us through.

While I’m there, I will have very limited internet access so please bear with me if it takes me longer than usual to reply messages.

God bless!!!

The UK, here I come! 🙂 It will be really nice to be able to speak English and not worry about translation or trying to translate words into English from my little knowledge of Deutsch 🙂

Beautiful Birmingham below…


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