My Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam for three days this week to meet with Dr. Darv Smith who is also the Addictionologist that pioneered the Addictive Behavior Counseling School (ABCS) in YWAM/UOFN. It was great meeting Darv and Carol and talking about my ABCS internship, etc…it was a wonderful time!

i_amsterdam_by_pink_pony-d32175iIt was my friend Anna’s birthday yesterday and as we walked through the RLD (because I spent the night at YWAM’s Lighthouse there) I felt like wailing and screaming at the same time! Those precious women made in God’s image were there in the windows and people were gawking at them, negotiating prices, etc… I was sad about that knowing that God has so much more in store for these women but what enraged me was what one of the men looming about said; he was with a group of 5 and he had gone to one of the windows to talk with the girl working there. He came back shaking his head and yelling “50 Euros for a b*** j**???? too much! I turned around and almost yelled out “you should be ashamed of yourself!!!” I feel so protective of those women because I can’t imagine how much pain and shame they have experienced, and as I begin to sink into the pits of despair even now I hear my heavenly Papa say “all things are possible to those who believe”. Those women are his children, they have names, birth marks, hobbies, dreams, and talents; He will make a way of escape for them. The men and women who go there as clients are mostly hurting people as well, and God loves us all.

 The question is are we willing to be His hands and feet, to be His heart in reaching those of us who are lost?

I left Amsterdam with a  huge realization…more like a dawning that God really has placed that city on my heart in a way that even I cannot explain. Whenever someone mentions Amsterdam, we think of marijuana, the Red Light District (RLD) and have this image of “sin-city”; but we forget about the museums and the architecture, the wonderful NGOs and churches there, the canals and the cycling Dutchies :). My Amsterdam.


 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. John 3:16

Here is a song that really lifts my Spirit, hope it lifts yours too and tells you if you didn’t know, and reminds you if you already know that YOU ARE REDEEMED!

Disclaimer: The pictures were gotten off Google images and I own no rights to them whatsoever; they capture the beauty of Amsterdam so well.





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