My Amsterdam

Yes, I refer to Amsterdam as ”My Amsterdam” because that city is engraved on my heart. I know that not everyone knows this yet but it is official that I am moving there! I will be working with Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM) LightHouse ministry which reaches out to men and women in the Red Light District (RLD), enlightens the public on the global sex trade (trafficking human beings) and fights that evil trade. To find out more about the LightHouse, click here

There are a few things that need to be done, visa change and a lot of money is needed. God has always been faithful in every way so I know that He will sort this out too.

Anyone who knows me will tell you how passionate I am about justice and advocacy, and seeing these men and women liberated.

Please partner with me in making this dream a reality!i_amsterdam_by_pink_pony-d32175i



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