Last minute glitch

Have you ever had one of those weeks when it seemed like everything was falling into place?

Your soaring career–> check!                                                                                       Happy friends and family–> check!                                                                               Peace and joy in your heart–> check!                                                                           A pet that loves you–> check!

You’re soaring, everything is as it should be! Then all of a sudden, you realize a major oversight… an expired passport that won’t be renewable in time for your trip this weekend, a visa that only allows you to travel later than anticipated, a required vaccination that you missed, all matters that aren’t extremely difficult if addressed on TIME. Your heart sinks, you feel disappointed about all the plans you’d made with friends, family, that special person, and you feel weighed down. Then a wave of feelings and emotions hits you:

First it’s disbelief: “it’s not possible, I must be seeing wrongly, there’s no way I’m not going,”

       Followed by sadness: “No way! :(, It won’t come to pass? This is horrible! This hurts”…

            Then anger: “How could I have missed this? Why are they so rigid and not accommodating?”    

                   Next is bargaining: “Maybe if I do x-y-z, it’ll work out”  

                              Finally acceptance: “I messed up and I can’t fix it. I can’t go on that trip. I won’t get to see that special person. I won’t be able to see my family. I won’t be able to go on that volunteer mission.”

These stages may be repeated over and over again but at the end of the day, you realize that life goes on; that the pain won’t last forever, that you’ll have a better day, that you have so much to be thankful for once again, and that you’re blessed to be able to have liberty, freedom, mobility and people that love and care about you, people who want to be with you, and those are very precious gifts…

So friends, sigh, cry, be sad, BUT keep your head up. Don’t stay down, get back up and know that there is still so much awaiting you out there; and in the words of Mr King…


*The stages above have been adapted using the Grief Curve by Kübler Ross.



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