Kangaroo court in West Bengal…Gang rape, really???!

I don’t know if you the read about the 20year old Indian lady who was sentenced by a Kangaroo court in West Bengal to be gang raped???! If you didn’t read it, now you know about it! Her crime was being in a relationship with a man from another village and tribe. She was dragged before the kangaroo court where she was fined 50,000 Indian Rupees (INR) (25,000 to be paid by her and 25,000 by the man she was in a relationship with) (which is in total about €581 and about =N=120,000); after pleading that she didn’t have that, on January 21st 2014 (that’s right, just three days ago!!) she was sentenced to “gang rape” by the court. The court ordered her to be gang raped by 13 men, 10 of whom were part of the court and that includes the village head.


She was brutalized in a shed ALL NIGHT LONG by the men who were her neighbors and people she called “uncle”!!! Afterwards her family was prevented from taking her to the hospital or going to the police for more than 24 hours…. They finally sneaked her into a hospital two days later and that was how the story came to light… What is going on in the world people? How can the same people who are supposed to be a source of wisdom and justice pervade justice and do evil? The Kangaroo courts are common in warm cultures and they are supposed to be elders, voices of wisdom and people who seek the best for their own. Now, that can’t be said… Lord have mercy! I just hope that those men receive the just penalty for their crime!

You can read the full story here… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2544450/Kangaroo-court-orders-Indian-woman-gang-raped-13-men-having-relationship-man-village-judges-carrying-punishment.html and here http://news.sky.com/story/1199728/gang-rape-ordered-by-indian-village-elders and below is a video from youtube with news from India…


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