Hello from Lagos, Nigeria

Yep, the heading says it all!!! I am home in Lagos and loving every minute (well, some of the minutes..LOL) of being back home! It is wonderful to see my family and friends, it is great to be able to eat Nigerian food again, it is wonderful to be able to see my mum and one of my sisters every single day; and for all these, I am thankful to God! However, it is annoying to be back in a place where we practically live off our generator! Power is out most of the time, for days at a go! I find all these extremely annoying; especially because Nigeria is 50 and we still don’t have much to boast about in terms of development and progress.

It is time for my generation to rise up, and redeem our nation for God! Time to fight corruption, injustice and immorality! Think on these things….

p.s a big thank you to those friends who decided to spend my birthday with me, you rock!


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