Code Red- Taking risks to tell the truth!

Telling the truth isn’t always easy and can be life threatening; especially exposing the lies in the global sex trade industry. Human trafficking is real and thousands of men, women, and children are held captive in this evil trade; helping them get out of that life can be dangerous, life threatening, expensive, and emotionally draining, BUT it is worth it. Seeing the survivors face life with renewed vigor and hope for a better future makes me cry, and I don’t cry easily; I tell you, nothing beats that. Knowing that they have encountered multiple evils and the most extreme forms of physical, psychological and sexual abuse you could ever imagine and survived, challenges me!321343_10151399283353684_447573586_n

I don’t know where to start when I talk about Code Red Films. It is a Non-Profit founded by my friend Grant, the slogan of Code Red is “taking risks to tell the truth”.

Over the last ten months, Grant and the team have traveled to India and Nepal working on the Untouchables: Children of God project.. It is a documentary being made about the Badi tribe of Nepal, Badi girls and women are known and judged for being prostitutes; but do they really wake up in the morning and say “yay, today I’ll be a prostitute and have sex with 50 men a day?” Do the 13 year old girls who wake up in a brothel after being deceived by friends or family with the promise of a job as a maid in India love and enjoy being beaten up and prostituted by their bosses and pimps? Absolutely NOT! So before you judge a woman in prostitution, ask yourself “how did she get here?”

Here is a letter from Grant. Please read this and respond…

Dear Friends of Code Red,

Thank you for continuing to support us on this journey! We are making progress on our documentary film as we returned to India and Nepal last month for some supplemental footage & interviews. Our mission is to continue building relationships with those who have entrusted us with their stories and their lives.

It has certainly been an eye-opening journey over the past 9 months. The stories from survivors of sex trafficking are more graphic and horrific than you can imagine. Young girls perish every day…if not immediately from suicide and murder they die slowly from diseases (STD, HIV/AIDS) they contract being forced to sleep with as many as 50+ men per day.

The brutality of modern-day slavery and human trafficking is very real. Many of these minors are locked in rooms (or cages) and starved before they are burned, beaten and raped into submission. The average age of these girls is 13.

Where do all these girls come from?

Every year 5,000 – 10,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to India. 

The focus of our film is on the most marginalised groups of people vulnerable to human trafficking; especially the Badi community in Nepal and the Dalits in India. These are the “Untouchables” of the Caste System who are denied basic Human Rights we take for granted everyday.

In the midst of this dark Hell, we want to highlight the Heroes risking their lives to rescue these girls and provide them with education, hope and a future. Only 1% of sex slaves ever escape or get rescued.

You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know

Mahatma Gandhi was famous for helping to rename the Untouchables of India as Harijans which literally translates to Children of God.

The working title of our film is currently, UNTOUCHABLE: CHILDREN OF GOD

This entire project began with a prayer and I’ve personally seen God actively connecting us to the perfect people at the perfect time. Prayer is a key to unlock doors that otherwise would not be humanly possible to open.

The Love, Faith and Courage of these girls and women continues to inspire and move me to action. If everyone on the planet took action tomorrow, we could abolish slavery and eradicate sex trafficking from the face of the earth.

There is no excuse for poverty, human trafficking and social injustice in the 21st century.

By faith,


To support Code Red financially, you can do so via their website here. Remember, you may not be able to do what they are doing but you can support them; in that way, you are contributing to ending this evil trade of trafficking, and helping to give the women a better life.


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