A few sentences just for you… :)

I’ll be that person who says HAPPY NEW YEAR (rather joyfully too) in February :). Besides it is still the first quarter of 2015, so the year is still young :).

I just want to start off this year by saying a few things to you…

1. Keep your head up. Regardless of what you’ve been through and how horrible it is, you’re still here… Still standing! Keep you head up!

2. Ask for help. Many of us try to do things on our own, especially after being betrayed and/or deeply wounded by loved and trusted one; dare to try again, trust again, and ask for help. Together, we are stronger.

3. Have faith. Even though it may not seem that way, there are still many good people in this world.

4. Have faith in God, He loves you and values you so much that He sent His beloved son, Jesus to face the consequences of your sins and mine… You are valuable to Him, never forget that!

Jesus REALLY DOES LOVE YOU, HE DOES! His love is real, I’m living proof of it.




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